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Welcome to the WebLogic Webservice standard testing home page.

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.


Example code that invokes this service using generated stub is given below:

    import {package}.ws-ad-pd;

    String wsdlUrl = ""; 
    ws-ad-pd service = new ws-ad-pd_Impl( wsdlUrl );
    ws-ad-pdPort port = service.getws-ad-pdPort();

    result = port.verificaDatadoManifiesto( ... );


To generate a client stub for this Web Service use the ant task given below:

    <target name="stubgen" >

      <property name="wsdlUrl" 
          value="" />

      <clientgen wsdl="${wsdlUrl}" packageName="com.myco.myservice.client"
        clientJar="myclient.jar" />


Some useful links:

WLS 8.1 Web Service documentation

Namespaces in XML.

WSDL Specification.

SOAP Specification.

RFC 2396 on URIs.

JAX-RPC Specification.


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